Republican Senator Tells The GOP That The Trumpcare Bill Can F*ck Off

A Maine Republican senator said previously that she’s waiting for the Congressional Budget Office score before making a decision on whether she will support the Senate bill to repeal and replace Obamacare but she added that she has concerns about the measure’s impact on older and rural Americans.

‘‘I have very serious concerns about the bill,’’ Sen. Susan Collins said on ABC’s ‘‘This Week.’’ The CBO score ‘‘will be so important,’’ she said.

Well, the CBO score came out it is devastating. That is, unless you don’t plan on ever being sick. The Senate Republican proposal would result in 22 million more people becoming uninsured by 2026 years than under Obamacare.

Collins isn’t just concerned over the uninsured rate under Trumpcare, but also the effect on Medicaid recipients. The CBO said that the GOP bill would reduce projected Medicaid spending by a total of $772 billion in the next ten years and that the number of people covered by Medicaid in 2026 would be 15 million lower than under Obamacare. That means that the most vulnerable of American citizens will be left without any coverage.

The New York Times reports:

In 2026, it said, Medicaid spending would be 26 percent lower than under current law, and enrollment of people under 65 would be 16 percent lower. Beyond 2026, Medicaid enrollment would keep declining compared with what would happen under current law.

Collins tweeted in response, “I want to work w/ my GOP & Dem colleagues to fix the flaws in ACA. CBO analysis shows Senate bill won’t do it. I will vote no on mtp.”

Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson, who also had concerns over the bill, said that it would be a “mistake” to move forward with the motion to proceed.

“If Leader McConnell says failure is not an option, don’t set yourself up for failure would be my advice for the leader,” Johnson told reporters.

Rand Paul thinks the bill doesn’t go far enough. Perhaps he has financial interests in morgues or funeral homes. IDK.

The Republican backers of the bill are attacking the CBO, a nonpartisan entity. Fact: Trumpcare gifts the wealthy with a tax break which is paid for by slashing Medicaid. Fact: Trump/Republicare will result in people literally dying. It’s a death care bill, not a  health care bill. It does nothing for the middle class or lower-income Americans. There is nothing that will MAGA in this travesty of a bill.

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