Republican Rep Just Blamed Obama For Charlottesville Riot; His Sick Theory Will Piss You Off

Just when you heard it all, or maybe just heard enough of Donald Trump and his poor handling of the Charlottesville riot (which was terrible), here comes a member of his GOP gang to keep the drama alive. This Idaho State Representative is now pointing the blame at Barack Obama. SMH. Seriously? Do they not have anything better to do?

Representative Brian Zollinger is behind this ridiculous, and disrespectful idea. As reported by The Hill, he took to his Facebook account to post a video that not only placed Obama behind the rioting but other top Democrats as well.  Like billionaire George Soros and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe were part of a conspiracy to set up the rally, the Post Register reported.

His caption with the video read,

“I’m not saying it is true, but I am suggesting that it is completely plausible.”

WOW! It doesn’t stop there. The Hill reports that the video itself, claims that Obama has set up a “war room” to fight against the Trump administration — a claim that has largely been debunked — and that Charlottesville was a part of his plan. The Republicans can’t just take this LOSS. The rioters clearly were loyal to Trump. But we don’t even have to go into even entertaining this idea.

Even Zollinger knew he was wrong for posting it. However, when he was asked about it, he still stood firm that it was possible Obama set it up. Can the man live his life outside of the White House in peace? Geez, Republicans wanted him out. He’s out. Now they can’t stop talking about him. They are sick! Check the video out below

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