Republican Lawmakers Are Prepared To Declare War On Trump If He Weakens Sanctions Against Russia

Donald Trump’s effort to please his master Vladimir Putin just hit a major roadblock that could cost him Republican support.

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At a time when Trump’s approval ratings are in the dumpster and he is having a hard time getting Republicans to support his agenda, the last thing Trump needs is to lose the few people who still support him in Congress.

But that’s exactly what will happen if he continues to pressure House Republicans into watering down sanctions against Russia in retaliation for interfering with the 2016 Election.

The Senate overwhelmingly passed a tough sanctions bill against Russia earlier this year, but after the bill went to the House, Trump and his team immediately contacted House Republicans and asked them to weaken the sanctions considerably. You know, so they don’t really punish Russia and Putin much at all.

That would be Trump’s gift to thank Putin for putting him in the White House.

Illinois GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger aimed a threat directly at Trump this week, warning him against weakening the sanctions or else face hell from angry Republican lawmakers who actually understand that Russia attacked the United States and needs to be punished.

“There will be some holy hell from some of us that would be very upset about this,” Kinzinger told the Global Politico. “I think you will see a House that is very, very eager to make sure this thing passes.”

Kinzinger, along with other Republicans, shares concerns that Trump is coddling Russia and is far too buddy-buddy with Vladimir Putin. Basically, Trump is acting like a puppet for the Kremlin, and in the eyes of these Republicans, they would rather have President Obama back in charge of foreign policy.

Kinzinger added:

Look, I was no fan of President Obama, but I would much rather have him as my president than Vladimir Putin, who kills his enemies. It shows how much people need leadership on foreign policy.”

Indeed, Trump has made an effort to attack just about everyone, including our own allies and NATO, except for Putin and Russia. Trump has only praised Putin since taking office and he has made every effort to accommodate Russia, even going so far as to pick a friend of Putin’s to run the State Department.

Kinzinger even supports continuing the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia precisely because of this foreign policy stance.

“The world is watching this, and I believe America’s job is to be an example of self-governance to a world drowning in chaos,” Kinzinger said. “And then when we’re drowning in our own chaos, it doesn’t really help us with that mission.”

America has been an international laughingstock ever since Trump took office and it’s only going to get worse if he gives Russia exactly what they want. Furthermore, Trump giving Russia what they want makes the Russia investigation even more important. If Trump is rewarding Russia for helping him get elected the American people have the right to know. And we have the right to demand he be impeached for it.

Our national security and the future of our democracy is at stake if Trump is allowed to continue being Putin’s puppet.

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