Reporters React With Laughter As Sean Spicer Starts Screaming Nonsense During Press Briefing (VIDEO)

Is there anyone with a worse reputation than disgraced White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer? He’s been on the job for just a few months and already he’s a laughing stock.

His pitiful, desperate attempts to defend Donald Trump and the administration have taken him to some dark places. He’s repeatedly lied directly at the podium. He’s screamed. His antics are so cringeworthy that Saturday Night Live created one of their best skits in years just by getting Melissa McCarthy to channel them.

At this point even serious reporters are finding it hard to keep a straight face while sitting in the White House briefing room. It’s all just so pathetic. For the best example, let’s watch Spicer start screaming about two stacks of paper he brought in. One is a print out of the Affordable Care Act. The other is the Republican replacement already being described as a monstrous failure. Spicer’s “proof” that it’s really better is that it’s a smaller stack of paper – sort of like saying your grocery list is better than The Great Gatsby because you can pin it to your refrigerator door.

The moment was so profoundly stupid that even former White House staffers were stunned.

And the reporters in the room can best be described as “stifling laughter.”

Trump’s administration isn’t just incompetent. It’s not just unethical. It’s not just delusional. It’s also just completely and profoundly stupid.

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