Reporters Die Laughing As Trump Makes Ridiculous Claim About Russia (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump has once again made the United States a laughingstock in front of world leaders. On Tuesday afternoon, Trump held a joint press conference with the Baltic states — Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

During the Q&A portion, the fake president was asked by a Baltic reporter whether or not Russian President Vladimir Putin was an enemy.

Trump replied with:

Nobody has been tougher on Russia than I have. I know you are nodding yes because everyone agrees..”

As one reporter pointed out on Twitter, no one from the press pool was nodding their heads.

The liar-in-chief is seriously living on another planet if he believes people were actually agreeing with him on Russia. The Trump administration, and the president, in particular, has faced ongoing criticism for its rhetoric toward Russia. If Trump, in fact, is tough on Russia, his campaign would not have had 70 contacts and 22 meetings with Russians in 2016, and he would publicly criticize Putin. But Trump’s denial of election-meddling and public embrace of Putin run counter to this. Trump is truly delusional if he thinks people actually believe that he is a stickler when it comes to his old pal Putin.

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