Reporter DEFIES White House Rules With This One Courageous Move; Internet Hails Her A Hero (TWEETS)

The White House has kept themselves hidden from cameras and the press since June 29, and who really knows the reason why. They’ve resorted to only allowing audio at their press conferences, and if you think that’s weird, it’s because it is. They seem to want to control every last bit of information that comes out of the White House and to be blunt, that should bother everyone.

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A lot of people have wondered when a reporter would step up and break the rules due to their freedom of the press and use their phone to broadcast the press briefings. Well, wonder no more. Ksenija Pavlovic of Pavlovic Today used the Periscope app on her phone to stream the audio.

According to The Washington Post:

“The sound quality was poor, but deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders could be heard introducing Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short, who addressed reporters before Sanders took questions. Pavlovic’s feed cut out after about 17 minutes, while Short was still talking, but she quickly resumed streaming and tweeted a new link that carried another 31 minutes.”

Here are the two tweets:

This is considered breaking the White House press briefing rules. Reporters are not supposed to use their own devices to control what is being heard out of the press briefings.

According to WaPo:

“Yet her act of rebellion marks a significant development in White House-media relations. Reporters have chafed at recent restrictions on coverage of news briefings, urging the president’s communications team to allow live broadcasts. Nevertheless, they have complied with the White House’s rules, despite carrying devices that can stream video or audio with a few taps of the thumb.”

At one point the White House was allowing the audio to be aired on the major networks, but as it seems now, not even that is being allowed. The Trump administration clearly wants to control exactly how things are being delivered out of the White House and that should scare everyone.

The internet is hailing Pavlovic a hero, and because of that don’t be surprised if more reporters start using their Constitutionally protected right to freedom of the press and begin letting us know what’s really going on.

Here’s some of the support Pavlovic is receiving;

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