Report Reveals Trump Jr. Bribed Russia To Help His Dad Win; Here’s How

Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer prior to the election in 2016 just got a whole lot more interesting and damning.

The meeting, which was held inside Trump Tower in June 2016, was described by Trump Jr. as just a meeting about adoption laws and nothing to do with seeking Russia’s help to win the election. It was “a waste of time,” he claimed.

Now Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Kremlin-linked attorney whom Trump Jr. met with, has spilled the beans.

As we all know, Trump Jr’s own emails made it clear that Trump’s campaign was seeking dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russians. But the meeting was about more than that. It appears that Trump Jr. promised the Russians something in return in exchange for their help.

Vladimir Putin hates the Magnitsky Act, a law that placed economic sanctions against Russia in response to their terrible human rights record.

According to Bloomberg, Veselnitskaya says that Trump Jr. promised to seek repeal of the law if his father became president.

“If we come to power, we can return to this issue and think what to do about it,” Trump’s son reportedly said. “I understand our side may have messed up, but it’ll take a long time to get to the bottom of it.”

That’s apparently all the Russians needed to hear for them to come to Trump’s rescue. All of the polls had him losing the election. He did lose the popular vote, but Russian hacking and propaganda were just enough to help Trump squeak out a narrow win in the electoral vote.

Many of Trump’s team members, including his former campaign manager Paul Manafort and current disgraced Attorney General Jeff Sessions also took secret meetings with Russian officials.

One month later in July 2016, Trump would be instrumental in gutting an anti-Russia plank in the Republican platform that condemned Putin’s actions in Ukraine when the Russian military seized the Crimea.

And since becoming president, Trump has voiced opposition to new sanctions against Russia despite irrefutable evidence that Russia interfered with our democratic process and institutions.

Clearly, Trump and his campaign were working to give the Russians what they wanted in exchange for helping to put him in the White House.

Featured Image: John Moore/Getty Images

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