Rep. Snowflake (R-CA) Runs Away From Own Town Hall Meeting After Being Met By Protesters (VIDEO)

Rep. Tom “Snowflake” McClintock needed an army of police officers and a good pair of shoes to courageously run away from his own town hall meeting when he showed up to find a sizable crowd of angry constituents demanding answers for his public support for Trump’s Muslim ban. He jumped into a car and headed for an unknown safe space.

In a shocking set of videos, McClintock can be seen briskly escorted by police as he flees the scene to the sound of protesters yelling “shame!”

This occurred after McClintock’s first approach – to blockade himself inside and not let anyone who didn’t agree with him – failed.

McClintock is just the latest to feel the wrath of Americans who have watched Trump repeatedly betray the country’s cherished values and a Republican party, through cowardice and greed, refuse to stand up to him. McClintock’s support for Trump’s Muslim ban was particularly heady. Without a hint of irony, the lawmaker cited the Constitution as support for the ban – ignoring the fact that many judges across the country have concluded that the blanket ban on the Muslims of seven nations is obviously unconstitutional. For this and more, Californians took to the streets to peacefully give McClintock a piece of their minds. He couldn’t take it.

The California Republican also managed to step in another scandal when he was secretly recorded admitting to his fellow Republicans that they have absolutely no plan to fix or replace Obamacare – and will likely be held responsible for depriving millions of insurance when this whole thing blows up. At that closed door meeting, if no where else, he was at least honest.

Featured image via Twitter

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