Rep. Maxine Waters Perfectly Trolls Trump On Anniversary Of The Americans With Disabilities Act

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) threw some major shade at the current occupant of the White House on Thursday by using a prop on the House floor. Waters used a photo of Donald Trump mocking a physically disabled reporter during his 2016 campaign.

While standing next to the enlarged photo as she commemorated the 27th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act a day earlier, she said, “It is a day to reflect on how people with disabilities are treated in our society.”

“Our president indicated to us what he thinks about people with disabilities long before he was elected, when he mocked a disabled reporter,” she continued. “Mocking the disabled is rude and insensitive and it sends a terrible message to our children.”

At first, Waters planned to speak next to a photo of Trump mocking the disabled reporter with a caption, but the House presiding officer instructed the California Congresswoman to use a different poster, which was an identical photo without any caption, according to The Hill.

“Would you tell us why?” Waters asked.

“It’s the determination of the chair that it’s a breach of the decorum of the House,” the presiding officer replied.

Even after Trump publicly mocked the disabled reporter, Serge Kovalseski of the New York Times, by wildly flailing his hands around while it was being televised, the former reality show star denied it.

Trump claimed that he “merely mimicked what I thought would be a flustered reporter trying to get out of a statement he made long ago.”

“I was never mocking anyone,” Trump told the New York Times in January. “I was calling into question a reporter who had gotten nervous because he had changed his story.”

The feisty 78-year-old Congresswoman knows how to get under Trump’s thin-skin and we look forward to the current occupant of the White House unleashing some mean-girl tweets about Waters now because she clearly doesn’t give a f*ck.

Featured image via screen capture. 

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