Rep. Maxine Waters Hits Trump Right Where It Hurts — In The Manhood, And On Twitter

Thursday morning, while Donald Trump was busy bad-mouthing the American press in his first overseas news conference, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was doing a little trash talk herself. A longtime and very vocal critic of Trump, she stepped it up and leveled a brutal assessment of his childish presidency so far:


If Donald Trump stopped his ridiculous behavior tomorrow and started “acting like a president,” I doubt he would ever recover from being called weak and impotent by a 78-year-old woman he and his father never would have rented to back in 1963. Maybe that’s why Rep. Waters goes after Trump so much — because she knows he hates her for the color of her skin, just like most of his supporters do.

In this case, she was referencing Trump’s simultaneous news conference in Poland. He not only denigrated CNN and other media outlets while in a foreign country, but went on the offensive about Barack Obama’s alleged failure to correct the Russian interference in the 2016 election — that Trump sometimes still calls a hoax or a witch hunt. Why does Trump think he can have it both ways, claiming it never happened and also claiming it was Obama’s fault? Because, again, he’s talking about a black man and he knows his base.

And this isn’t the first time Waters has gone after the russet-faced racist. Some of her greatest hits:

On Trump’s disgusting attitudes and actions toward women:

On Trump’s climate change cowardice, and pulling out of the Paris Accord:

She even retweeted a Fusion video of her own speech calling for Trump’s impeachment, because she knows she’s right:

Maxine Waters is going nowhere. But she’s trying to make sure Donald Trump goes away with his head in his tiny little hands.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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