Remember Eric Trump? He Must Have Been Feeling Left Out Lately, Keith Olbermann Scratched That Itch For Him

Maybe Eric Trump was just excited that someone was talking about him again. On Saturday, the middle Trump child caught the tail end of a mini-spat between Kellyanne Conway and Keith Olbermann on Twitter, when the GQ special correspondent brought up the charities Trump has bilked out of money he “raised” for them. One of the main themes of the Trump administration and its emissaries has been their seeming inability to think before saying things that will come back and bite them. Kellyanne was responding to a tweet from Charlie Kirk about the media’s “mistreatment” of Eric’s older brother, and Olbermann couldn’t help but chime in:

Mr. Kirk, the founder and director of Turning Point USA, was referring to (conspiracy theories about) the Clinton Foundation. Look no further than TPUSA’s Twitter page for a truly stomach-turning glimpse into the kind of people Conway likes to converse with on the social media site. Anyway, Keith jumped all over it, because that’s kind of his job. But as you know, when you use someone’s Twitter handle in your own tweet, the other party is notified. Eric was not happy:

Now, we’ve already seen Charlie Kirk put his foot in his mouth, and then watched as Kellyanne did the same. Why would Eric Trump be any different? Olbermann didn’t see the response from Trump immediately, but responded early Sunday morning:

“Qusay” is of course a reference to Saddam Hussein’s second son, which is a whole other level of Twitter tomfoolery. But Olbermann didn’t let up:

So how did big bad Eric Trump respond to Olbermann’s takedown?

Just like his dad.

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