Reebok CLEARLY Hates Trump; Puts Out Brilliant Tweet BLASTING How Horrible He Is (IMAGE)

If you’re unaware, Donald Trump, the *President of the United States, decided to be openly awkward and misogynistic with the First Lady of France during his most recent visit this past Friday. Upon greeting Brigitte Macron, Trump told her that she’s in “such good shape.”

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According to the New York Times:

“You’re in such good shape,” Mr. Trump told Mrs. Macron, who was standing in a grand marble hall with her back to a camera that recorded the incident. He then turned to the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, and said, “She’s in such good physical shape.”

“Beautiful,” Mr. Trump said, turning to the first lady of France. She appeared to grab Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania, by the arm and take a step backward. Mrs. Trump stood next to her, smiling.”

Here’s the video:

With everyone who’s not a misogynist or openly sexist looking on in horror.

Pointing out how horrible this moment absolutely is was none other than the retail giant Reebok.

Showing the world when, in fact, it’s okay to say “you’re in such good shape,” Reebok tweets out a brilliant infographic blasting Trump’s horrific behavior.

Here’s the tweet:

Well played, Reebok!!

(*pending investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election)

Featured Photo by Getty Images/Twitter

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