Racist Woman Has Complete F*cking Meltdown In California Target (VIDEO)

The latest in a growing series of videos showing bigots screaming obscenities and hurling racial epithets is now making its way across Twitter, and boy is it a doozie.

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A Target customer was captured on video having a racist meltdown because she apparently saw someone whose skin was a teensy bit too dark for her taste.

“You f*cking sand n*ggers!” the woman screams at the start of the video while throwing random objects around the store (including at one gentleman it appears she has decided is a Muslim). “F*cking pieces of sh*t, f*ck all of you… all of you are sh*t!”

“F*ck you, you sand n*gger b*tches,” she adds. “You are sh*t.”

Ultimately, she is restrained by a security guard as she begins crying. “I’ll leave if you let go,” the woman yells.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a gentleman named Cody Walzel, who says it happened in North Hollywood, California. According to Walzel, the woman was screaming about terrorists keeping prisoners in a “flesh cave” in the basement of the Target prior to the start of the video. The security guard was forced to intervene after police failed to show up in a timely manner (he says that employees were “on hold with the police for about ten minutes” before the video begins).

Was the woman on drugs? Mentally ill? Consumed by Trump-inspired hatred? All three? It is unclear at this point, but in any case, it is always nice to see racists cry.

Watch it happen below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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