Racist Old Man Gets Confused While Walking To Limo, Wanders Off And Has To Be Redirected (VIDEO)

Ever since Donald Trump became confused and wandered off in the middle of a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Americans have been wondering if, good or evil aside, he is mentally capable of performing his duties.Recently, there has been a push for our leaders to invoke the 25th Amendment, which allows the President to be removed for any reason if the Vice President and a majority of his cabinet agree that POTUS “is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” This would include if the President was incapacitated or just deemed mentally unfit because he does and says a bunch of crazy sh*t and wanders off unexpectedly.

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It seems, perhaps, it is time for the people Trump has handpicked to keep him in office in exactly that scenario to throw him under the bus because he just wandered off again.

After his return home from his world embarrassment tour in which he further ruined the reputation of the United States with pretty much everyone, Trump was caught on video getting off of Air Force One, walking to his limo, and — with a confused look on his face like he forgot what sound purple makes — wandering away from his motorcade. Eventually, someone was nice enough to redirect him and help him find his ride.

Did Trump inherit his father’s Alzheimer’s? Is he suffering from dementia? Both of these questions we cannot answer without a physician who doesn’t look like he crawled out of a movie about mad scientists who smoke crack providing answers. But given his propensity for becoming confused and wandering off combined with his “racist grandpa at Thanksgiving dinner” vibe, can we as a nation truly trust him to be our President*?

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