Rachel Maddow Just Dropped Some Very, VERY Bad News On Trump And Republicans (DETAILS)

Earlier today, Donald Trump threw a tantrum on Twitter and lied about how popular he was with Americans. Bragging about how strong his fan base was, Trump ignored real polls that have been stating how much he’s struggling to hold on to conservative support.

The latest facts are going to make Trump even more upset – unlike Trump’s approval rating, MSNBC has skyrocketed to a #1 position in prime time, fueled by new viewers – which is horrifying news for Trump and the future of the GOP.

According to The Associated Press:

“Essentially, MSNBC’s surge is fueled by newbies, people who weren’t regular cable news viewers. So the question remains of why these people are primarily going to MSNBC instead of CNN. CNN’s prime time is panel-based, with a stream of people talking about the news. Unlike MSNBC, CNN regularly includes Trump supporters in the mix and some of those — think Jeffrey Lord — infuriate the president’s opponents. CNN’s immediate announcement that it wasn’t interested in outgoing White House press secretary Sean Spicer as a contributor was understandable given the administration’s biting attacks on the network, but Spicer is likely to be more skilled than Lord.”

It’s been seventeen years since MSNBC has held the #1 spot. Here’s the even more disturbing info that Trump will hate – the reason for the surge is mainly because of liberal anchor Rachel Maddow. Since Trump walked into Politics, Maddow has been hammering him and attracting Trump-resistant voters in droves. As it’s been proven that people who watch cable news show are more likely to vote, this could mean major trouble for the GOP in midterm elections. The Republican Party might not have a chance at all against newer, more engaged voters who want nothing to do with Trump or his party’s agenda.

Featured image via screenshot and Sean Gallup / Getty Images

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