Rachel Maddow Busts Trump Administration, Exposes Lies About Tillerson In Afghanistan (IMAGES)

Donald Trump’s administration is the most dishonest group of people to govern modern America. The lies never end, and Americans have been horrified at the lengths that Trump and his minions will go to cover themselves. And they still haven’t learned their lesson, because another pathetic attempt to lie has just blown up in their faces.

Yesterday, the State Department got caught in a fib about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meeting in Kabul, Afghanistan with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani –  and was forced to admit it. To make matters worse, late night host Rachel Maddow broadcast the State Department’s lie in her Tuesday show. Maddow stated that the photo of Tillerson and Ghani had been photoshopped, as BBC stated that there were discrepancies between two versions of the photos. It turns out, those photos were actually taken at a U.S. military installation – not Afghanistan. Maddow said:

“The State Department initially tried to get away with saying that this meeting between Rex Tillerson on the left and Ashraf Ghani on the right, took place in the capital city of Kabul. It did not. They did not meet in Kabul. They met, rather, inside the perimeter of a U.S. military base at Bagram.”

Here are the images in question:

The New York Times also reported the discrepancy:

“The problem is that the meeting was not in Kabul, but in a windowless room in Bagram, the heavily fortified American military base a 90-minute drive away. The misinformation, apparently meant to obscure the true venue, was betrayed by discrepancies in similar photographs released by the Americans and the Afghans.”

The State Department admitted to the lie, stating that the meeting’s location had been wrong:

You can watch Maddow fact-check the crap out of the Trump administration below:

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