Putin Takes Advantage Of Trump’s Weakness In First Meeting And Calls It A Success

Donald Trump just got played by Russian President Vladimir Putin and it’s just embarrassing.

The two met for the ‘first time’ (give me a break) in a face-to-face meeting Friday afternoon. It was one of the anticipated moments from people everywhere across the nation. The meeting that was supposed to be about 30 minutes turned into a 2hr secret lock in. Let’s not forget only 6 people were invited to the party and that didn’t include most of Trump’s staff.

According to CNN, Putin told reporters Saturday that Trump agreed with his stance on the 2016 meddling, confirming that it was discussed. Putin’s stance is that Russia ain’t do it! They didn’t see anything, they don’t know anything.

“I repeat, he asked a lot of questions on this matter, I answered as many as I could answer. I think he took it into consideration and agreed with it. But you should ask him what his opinion is on that.”

And Trump just rolled with it…WTF? After all these months of Russia drama with Putin, Trump just accepts an ‘I ain’t do it’ response. Shoot, that could have been done over the damn phone.

Things got really suspect when both crooks decided to partner to buckle down on cyber security so future elections aren’t tampered with. That’s hilarious. Trump and Putin, poster children for cyber security. It’s all acting if you ask me. Putin runs Trump yet again.

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