Putin and Trump Caught On Camera Plotting Revenge Against Journalists Right In Front Of Them (VIDEO)

Amid Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s meeting, there were just some questionable moments caught on camera. For two people who were meeting for the ‘first time’  as some media is reporting, they were way too friendly with each other. Looking like two peas in a criminal pod.

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In one video posted on Twitter, Putin can be seen pointing out journalists to Trump, as if he were ratting them out. According to a report by The Guardian that translated the video’s original caption from Russian,

“These are the ones that insulted you?” Putin asked Trump, gesturing at the journalists being ushered out of the room. Chuckles all around.

Watch the moment below,

Look at them, just loving on each other. It’s sick to watch. This comes right before their strange 2 hr hour-long meeting that no one had access too. The video clearly shows Putin as the reserved but dominant person in the relationship. *puke*. That’s probably why he is the one running “Trump’s America” now. Let’s get them out of the White House. Yes, THEM. Because where there is Trump, there will surely be signs of Putin.


Featured Images via Getty Images and Twitter.

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