Presidential Historians Take Trump To The Woodshed Over Offensive Tweets And Unpresidential Behavior


Donald Trump thinks that his Twitter activity should not be covered or commented upon. Presidential historians clearly disagree.

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On Thursday morning, Trump threw a massive temper tantrum in retaliation against Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski for criticizing him.

Trump viciously attacked Mika by calling her “low IQ” and “crazy” and followed up that sexist remark with an even more vulgar one claiming that Brzezinski was “bleeding badly from a face-lift.”

Just when you thought Trump could not stoop any lower, he posts this garbage. His behavior is beyond unpresidential and was widely condemned. However, Trump team members have tried to blame the media for the outrage because they say the tweets should never have been covered.

According to these Trump shills, the horrible things he says should be ignored in favor of propaganda designed to stroke his ego.

It should be pointed out, however, that whatever the president says and does is news and should be covered. Also, the media would not be talking about the tweets had Trump just kept his mouth shut and not posted them in the first place.

Among the condemnation Trump received in the aftermath of his offensive tweets came from presidential historians, who were quick to note that Trump’s behavior is beneath the dignity of the office he holds.

Michael Beschloss fired the first shot by quoting George Washington.

The Jon Meachum, author of biographies on George H.W. Bush and Thomas Jefferson, chimed in with even more directness.

Indeed, Trump is nothing more than a sexist bully who attacks anyone and everyone who doesn’t kiss his ass. People who voted for Trump should be ashamed of themselves, especially if they have the audacity to call themselves “Christians.” Trump’s behavior isn’t the behavior of a Christian, nor is it the behavior of a decent human being. It’s the behavior of a monster spawned by the devil. And that monster should be removed from office immediately before he makes our country more of a laughingstock around the world than it has already become.

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