President Obama Warns Putin: America WILL Retaliate For Russian Election Interference (VIDEO)

During an unprecedented investigation, the CIA recently uncovered that Russia deliberately hacked the 2016 presidential election in order to help Donald Trump win. Since then, the Kremlin AND Donald Trump have blown off official reports as flat out lies and excuses by the Democrats in order to account for their “massive loss.”

After a White House spokesman revealed to the public that Vladimir Putin was directly involved in the hackings that took place, President Obama had a very direct response. In an interview with NPR he said:

“I think there’s no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact on the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action and we will, at a time and a place of our own choosing.”

“Some of it may be explicit and publicised. Some of it may not be.”

“Mr Putin is well aware of my feelings about this, because I spoke to him directly about it.”

While we don’t know exactly what actions President Obama intends to take, or may have already taken, we do know that he intends to retaliate, and preferably before his last official day in Washington.

In a press conference at the White House, press secretary, Josh Earnest, had this to say:

“The President determined once the intelligence community had reached this assessment that a proportional response was appropriate. At this point, I don’t have anything to say about whether or not that response has been carried out.”
Donald Trump has been nothing short of a disaster to this country and he hasn’t even been sworn in. In light of this news, it’s time for a new election. Trump cannot be president.

Watch President Obama’s interview with NPR below:

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somedvilla

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