President Obama Shows Trump How A Real Leader Responds To Right-Wing Terror And Racism


Donald Trump’s statement on the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia was pathetic. Thankfully, President Obama’s released his own response.

As the situation in Virginia turned violent on Saturday as Nazis began killing people, Trump tried to blame both sides and refused to condemn white nationalism.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides ― on many sides,” Trump said.

Trump also took to Twitter to blather about how we are all Americans and must unite, refusing once again to condemn the white supremacists who started the violence in the first place while waving Confederate and Nazi flags.

Trump’s unwillingness to condemn the racism and hate from his own white nationalist supporters followed an attack against counter-protesters that occurred when a white nationalist mowed down protesters with a vehicle.

Trump’s weak response was the total opposite of President Obama’s, which came in the form of a quote by Nelson Mandela.

Obama’s response has gone viral and is being hailed as a worthy response while Trump has been mocked for his poor leadership.

The time has come for Americans to stand up to these right-wing terrorists once and for all. They do not belong in our society. America’s greatest generation did not fight and die in Europe during World War II so that the Nazis could have a safe-space in which to thrive. They fought to wipe fascism off the face of the Earth. And it’s a fight Americans should continue today.

Featured Image: Image of President Obama by Steffi Loos via Getty Images. Image of Donald Trump by Sean Gallup via Getty Images

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