POLL: Trump Breaks Another Record By Reaching Majority Disapproval Rating In Only 8 Days

Donald Trump has always harbored a deep dislike for polls, especially when they make him look bad. But this one will have him absolutely furious.

According to a new a Gallup poll, Trump has managed to break yet another record by reaching a majority disapproval rating in a mere eight days. On Saturday, the poll revealed that 51 percent of Americans can’t f*cking stand disapprove of Trump.

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No other president has managed to become so hated so quickly. Not even close. But it seems Trump has finally found something he really is the best at when it comes to being disliked because he’s a bigoted moron.

Former President Obama didn’t reach a 51 percent disapproval rating until he had been in office for almost two and a half years. And he was the black guy for heaven’s sake. Former President George W. Bush was in office for 1,000 before he had more than half of America giving him the finger.

Trump’s first week in office was marked by widespread protests that drew larger crowds than his inauguration and a series of horrific executive orders that are quickly making him the most hated man on the planet. He has signed orders to build his stupid wall and is working to destroy Obamacare with no plan to replace it.

He capped off his first week as president by banning citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country for 90 days and placed an indefinite ban on all Syrian refugees. And just to make it extra special, he signed the order (which targets people based on their religion) on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Oh, the irony.

Not at all surprisingly, America is not impressed with the orange-tinged madman that managed to slither his way into the Oval Office.

The poll tracks approval ratings daily by surveying 1,500 Americans.

Featured image via Pete Marovich – Pool/Getty Images

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