Poll Reveals Trump’s Latest Approval Rating; One Major Party Has Left Trump

Donald Trump has a record that I’m sure he probably doesn’t want. According to a poll by Monmouth University, he has again set a new record low for his approval as president. This follows one of the worst periods of the Trump presidency. His political career appears to be all but over after his nominee in Alabama, Roy Moore, failed to secure the Senate seat for the state.

The report showed Trump’s current job rating at net negative 32% approve and 56% disapprove. This marks his lowest rating in Monmouth’s polling since taking office in January and the Monmouth University poll is in line with other similar polls.

The fear for Trump will be the backlash of the tax reforms that were put forward by the Republicans. Thought to have been some of the most controversial in recent history, the reform appears to give tax breaks to the rich while removing privileges from the less well off.

While there is still no sign of a major Republican revolt over Trump, a washout next year in the polls will surely lead to a rebellion against him in the party. Trump can rely heavily on Republican support in the House of Representatives, but if that majority disappears he will be dead in the water.

A washout in the polls is looking ever more likely, if that does happen then it seems certain that House Democrats will seek to end the Trump presidency. Impeachment is the most likely option, though there may be enough panic for House Republicans to push Trump out first.

If the Roy Moore situation is anything to go by, Republicans face a tough task in 2018 and may well choose to trash Trump in order to stand a chance of keeping their seat.

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