POLL: Most Republicans Think Celebrities Should Be Obligated To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration

Because nothing says “freedom” more than forcing celebrities to kiss a wannabe dictator’s ass.

As we all know, Donald Trump and his team are desperate to get an A-list celebrity to perform on Inauguration Day. But Trump’s divisive rhetoric promoting hate, bigotry, and sexism disgusted celebrities so much that they want nothing to do with him. And Americans have made it clear that a celebrity selling out to party at his inauguration would be equivalent to an endorsement that would ruin their reputations.

Trump, of course, is being petty about the situation, going so far as to claim that A-list celebrities are begging for tickets to his inaugurations but he’s rejecting THEM. Clearly, Trump’s ego is being bruised so he’s pretending everyone likes him.

Trump wants celebrities to perform and if you ask Republicans, they’ll tell you they think celebrities should be obligated to do so.

A new poll conducted by Morning Consult gave Republicans and Democrats two responses and asked them to pick one that best explains how they fee about celebrities shunning Trump. The results make it clear which party believes in freedom of speech and choice.

According to the results, 53 percent of Republicans chose the following response:

“Celebrities and artists should perform at the inauguration if invited; the country needs to come together and continue to heal after a long election. Celebrities turning down invitations to make political statements only furthers the divide and disrespects the person who won the presidency.”

So most Republicans think celebrities should perform if asked regardless of their political beliefs. And they think it’s important for the country to “come together” and “not disrespect” the president, which is laughable considering that Republicans refused to unite behind President Obama and spent eight years disrespecting him.

On the other hand, 77 percent of Democrats and 32 percent of Republicans believe celebrities should not be obligated to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

“Celebrities and artists should not perform at the inauguration if they do not want to. It is important that they are free to speak out against a president they do not support and would be a betrayal to their beliefs and their fans if they performed just to show unity.”

Here’s a handy chart showing the results via Morning Consult.


Sadly, it seems many Republicans believe celebrities who refuse to perform for Trump would be force-marched to the stage on Inauguration Day to sing for a man they don’t like or agree with so that Trump can get a cheap photo-op to claim that everybody loves him.

Ironically, that’s exactly why the First Amendment exists, so that celebrities can tell Trump to go f*ck himself.

Featured Image: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

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