Planned Parenthood Goes Too Far Badmouthing GOP Health Bill; But They’re Not Wrong (TWEET)

It’s undeniable that the Republican health care bill is cruel and unusual. It slashes funding for the elderly, poor and those who need care the most while cutting taxes for the wealthy.

However, what Planned Parenthoold just used as a comparison can be seen as going too far.

When USA TODAY released this poll:

#BREAKING USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll: Only 12% of Americans support the Senate health care plan


Planned Parenthood quote retweeted the poll and said something so cruel, yet entirely accurate:

Things more popular than the Senate “health care” plan:
✔︎ Planned Parenthood
✔︎ Medicaid
✔︎ Abortion
✔︎ Actual health care
✔︎ Nickelback

Wow. I mean, that’s pretty mean. Nothing is worse than that.

Nickelback’s music shouldn’t be used in comparison to anything, really. Well, maybe Trump, or that burning sensation when you pee. However, yes, the GOP health care bill is, in fact, far worse than even Nickelback.

The internet seemed to agree. Here are some of the funniest responses:

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