Photos Leak Of Melania Having Dinner With Putin Without Trump And It’s Breaking The Internet


Photos have just hit the internet showing First Lady Melania Trump wining and dining with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and having a good time sharing several laughs together.

Perhaps the most striking fact about the G20 dinner was that President Trump was not seated next to them, they were seated alone together and had a conversation in German since both know the language. No translator was needed.

Other spouses at the world leader meeting were sitting next to their spouses, so it’s unclear why Trump wasn’t present between the two.





No matter how you look at it, that’s just good diplomacy. But, the internet isn’t fair. Here’s a few of the unfair but kind of funny responses circulating online because of the photos:



It was also just reported that after the dinner Trump and Putin had a previously undisclosed one-hour meeting. We wonder what the topic of conversation was about.

Ian Bremmer, president of the international consulting firm Eurasia Group reported the meeting. It supposedly took place just hours after the two leaders formal sit-down together broadcast to the world.

The only people in the off the record one-hour secret meeting were Trump, Putin, and Putin’s translator according to one report. MSNBC is just now reporting that a translator was not, in fact, present.

Right now Trump is being personally investigated for criminal actions by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as well as Trump’s closest associates including the Trump family for Russia collision. The last thing Trump needs is the perception he’s colluding with the Russian president.

So, what’s the big deal you might ask? Well, for one, if they spoke on the phone, there would be a record of the call and a transcript of its contents. Meeting in secret one on one with no one else in the room means there’s virtually no way to tell what was said. They can discuss things they might otherwise not be able to. Given the political climate, and Trump’s butt being on the line concerning the outcome of all the investigations currently going on in the FBI, Congress, Justice Department, etc, the meeting is being looked at as extremely suspicious. At the very minimum, it should have been made public. It wasn’t.

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