Pence Told Americans To ‘Be Humble’ Like Trump And The Internet Took It From There (TWEETS)

Has Mike Pence finally gone completely insane? During a recent speech at the National Student Leadership Conference, Vice President* Mike Pence told our nation’s future leaders to be just like Trump.

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Strangely, he didn’t mean that they should be walking, talking, perpetual embarrassments who brag about sexually harassing women and commit treason.

“I truly believe that to reflect humility is to approach leadership every day as a learner and as a listener,” Pence said, adding that they should — like Trump — exercise “discipline” and “self-control.”

If you’re laughing right now, you’re not alone. Trump is anything but humble. He has zero self-control. He doesn’t listen to anyone (not even his own lawyers whose job it is to protect him during the probe into his administration’s collusion with Russia).

Pence’s words describe a man who is the exact opposite of The Donald, and Americans are collectively laughing at the level of delusion it takes to think otherwise:

Is Pence joking? If he is, we’re still waiting for the punchline. Is he crazy? Well, we are talking about a guy who calls his wife “Mother.”

This entire administration is completely nuts. It’s time for Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, resign, and convince the next eleven or so people in the line of succession to do the same.

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