Pedophile Roy Moore Promotes His Rally In The Worst Way, Invites Kids (IMAGE)

Everyone had originally thought that Donald Trump was avoiding standing behind GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore because it would bring attention to his own long history of sexually assaulting women. But as usual, Trump reminded everyone that he’s a horrible human being who doesn’t care if the world knows it. Recently, Trump has made an official endorsement of pedophile Moore, even though it brings attention to his own sexual misconduct.

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Trump doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about his association with a pedophile, and Moore doesn’t seem too ashamed of the title, either. His recent rally promotion proves that men like Moore and Trump truly believe that they’re untouchable and live without consequences. It has been noted that Moore’s campaign is ignoring the allegations against the GOP candidate and publicly advertising his rally on Facebook as “Kid Friendly.” See for yourself:

For anyone living under a rock who hasn’t somehow heard about the several women who have come forward to accuse Moore of sexually assaulting or harassing them when they were teenage girls, this “kid friendly” ad is absolute insanity. Any parent in their right mind, knowing what we do about Moore, wouldn’t let their children get anywhere near this pedophile. Not to mention, Steve Bannon — a known white supremacist — was headlining this event! These are two men that children have no business being around. 

The fiasco with Moore — and the fact that much of the Republican Party is continuing to stand behind him — shows that the GOP doesn’t care about the future of America. They don’t care that the President of the United States and the people he supports are misogynists, pedophiles, white supremacists, bigots, and criminals. Trump has turned our government into a corrupt circus and brought shame upon a country that was once so respected. Unfortunately, people like Moore just keep this awful nightmare going.

Featured image via Scott Olson / Getty Images

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