Paul Ryan Just Got The Worst Surprise Of His Life From Americans P*ssed About Trumpcare (VIDEO)

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican Party (including the country’s undeserving POTUS) are getting the wake-up call of their lives. Ever since they introduced their disastrous American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) in a pathetic attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, Americans have lashed out like never before – and Ryan was finally forced to come to terms with it today.

Ever since the launch of the GOP’s health care bill, Ryan has never been more unpopular – much like Trump. As the bill threatens to strip millions of Americans of life-saving healthcare and screw over anyone with a pre-existing condition, most of the country can’t wait to do away with both Trump and Ryan.

Earlier today, Ryan was walking out of the Success Academy charter school in Harlem when he was met by the deafening boos and protests of tons of angry Americans cursing at him and screaming “Healthcare for all, not just Paul!” Many people yelled “F*ck you!” as Ryan waved to the crowd and tried to pretend that none of it was happening, but the protesters were not to be ignored.

PoliticusUSA noted that Sandi Bachom, an independent video journalist, described the scene as “they are booing him mercilessly.” Bachom also noted that Ryan chose to leave the charter school when he thought everyone was leaving – like the true coward he is. Bachom said, “I waited two hours for this puppy, he tried to fake us out, came when everybody was leaving.”

You can watch this amazing scene unfold below:

When Ryan had entered the building, the protesters were ready to greet him with chants of “Shame!” and were holding signs that said things like “Healthcare is a human right!”

What the GOP is learning is that America no longer supports their hateful, self-serving agenda. Because Republicans refuse to accept that and assimilate into modern society, Trump and the GOP are going to be a dying breed. In the meantime, they can expect more of these kinds of protests.

Featured image by Win McNamee via Getty Images

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