Paul Ryan Heartlessly Claims 22 Million Will ‘Choose’ Not To Buy Insurance Under GOP Plan (VIDEO)

Republicans are terrible people. Normally, it would be uncouth to make such a sweeping generalization but at this point if someone is a member of the GOP it means they are willing to overlook assaults on women’s right to choose what to do with their own bodies, the ability of various minorities to vote, attacks on the LGBTQ community, and even on the very health of American citizens. It means they are willing to not only ignore but be complicit in attempts to ban an entire religion from entering the country, build a wall to protect from an entire country their leaders say is filled with drug dealers and rapists, and to go along with attempts to strip away civil liberties from anyone who is not a white male Christian. There are many words to describe such people, but “terrible” is one of the nicer ones.

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Take House Speaker Paul Ryan, for example (seriously, take him). During an interview on right-wing propaganda network Fox News on Tuesday, Ryan said that the GOP’s hateful tax break for the wealthy flimsily disguised as a replacement for the Affordable Care Act won’t cause 22 million people to lose their health coverage. According to Ryan, those people will simply be choosing not to buy insurance — like a drowning man chooses not to breathe or a gunshot victim chooses to allow a bullet to enter his or her body.

“What they are basically saying at the Congressional Budget Office, if you’re not going to force people to buy Obamacare, if you’re not going to force people to buy something they don’t want, then they won’t buy it,” Ryan says. “So, it’s not that people are getting pushed off a plan, it’s that people will choose not to buy something that they don’t like or want.”

“And that’s the difference here,” he continued. “By repealing the individual and employer mandate, which mandates people buy this health insurance that they can’t afford, that they don’t like — if you don’t mandate that they’re going to do this then that many people won’t do it.”

According to the CBO, the number of uninsured in our country will reach over 50 million by 2026 — not by choice, but because the plan would gut subsidies which many Americans rely on to be able to afford coverage in the first place. In addition, the GOP’s plan would allow insurance companies to price gouge people with preexisting conditions.

For many, it would come down to a “choice” (as Republicans see it) between eating food (something we hear humans like to do from time to time) and being able to afford health insurance — something that is not in any way shape or form a choice.

Watch Ryan spew his evil below:

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