Paul Ryan Desperately Searches For A New Focus Amid Russia Scandal; Becomes White House Fashion Adviser

House Speaker Paul Ryan wants no parts of the scandal that surrounds Donald Trump and his GOP clan. So while everyone is running amuck in the White House, Ryan is looking for something else to do.

He chose to become a fashion adviser. No, seriously. According to CNN,  he is working with the House Sergeant-at-Arms to “modernize” and “update” the business dress code for the Speaker’s Lobby, the area outside the House chamber where lawmakers and reporters gather.

This comes after a female journalist was denied access to the Speaker’s lobby because she was wearing a sleeveless dress and when the internet erupted about it, now Ryan wants to play the feminists role. I mean that sounds nice and all, but what is his true agenda?

Ryan represents a pu**sy grabbing President who treats women like trash and talk to them like they are animals. Trump has never had any respect for women and Ryan he’s your chief.  CNN’s Mel Robbins said in best,

“…congressional dress code is the least of our concerns about decorum when we’ve got a President who literally shoves aside a foreign leader, trashes women, the free press, celebrities and others on Twitter, and (most recently) tells the French first lady that she’s “in great shape” — all while most Republicans in Congress whistle and look away.”

Yea, we want no parts. Forget the dress code, while that situation with the reporter should have NEVER happened, we have bigger fish to fry here. If you don’t want to focus on Russia, get yourself behind health care, start figuring out the nation’s budget, and CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET FLINT SOME CLEAN WATER!

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