Patrick Stewart Just Threw MAJOR Shade At Donald Trump On Twitter, And It’s Magnificent

With Donald Trump being the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, it’s left a lot of people trying to think of ways to make sure he doesn’t get into office. Then there are those who are trying to use it to their advantage.

The other day legendary actor Patrick Stewart tweeted out a photo of a man who seemed to be asking for money on the street. However, this man wasn’t just holding up a sign asking for some spare change, he was making a direct threat.

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Give me a dollar, or I vote for Trump.

Pretty vile threat, right? One, that in this day and age, we must take very seriously.

Well, it looks as though Stewart took him up on the request. He tweeted out:

Made me forget the humidity for a moment. Worth 5 bucks.

Hell yeah, it’s worth at least five dollars. Maybe this guy is onto something. There’s definitely money to be made by threatening to vote for Trump. And Trump would likely be on board being the businessman that he is.

Who knows, maybe we’ll start seeing a lot more of these threats as we get closer and closer to November and the impending election. Either way, this was some pretty major shade thrown at Trump from Stewart and he deserves a standing ovation.

Featured Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for SAG Foundation — Twitter

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