OOPS: Trump Retweets Fox Report On Obamacare Not Realizing That It Blames Him For Premium Hikes

When Donald Trump saw a tweet by Fox & Friends on Thursday morning about Obamacare premium hikes, he was so excited that he retweeted it as proof of his claims that Obamacare is failing instead of reading it first.

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But if Trump had taken the time to read the article, he would have discovered that insurance companies are only considering raising premiums because of him.

The Fox News article noted that the Wall Street Journal reports that insurers in several states across the country are only considering these double-digit premium hikes because of Trump’s threat to withhold money from them in retaliation against Congress for not repealing Obamacare. Also, insurance companies are concerned about the repeal itself because it would repeal the individual mandate which requires everyone to purchase health insurance. Without it, people would likely drop their coverage and the insurance pool would collapse.

However, while the premium hikes could energize GOP efforts to upend the Affordable Care Act, they also could fuel Democrats’ criticism over how Republicans are handling to repeal/replace debate.

The Journal reported that insurers are concerned about Trump’s threat to halt payments to the industry that in turn help bring down costs, as well as whether Republicans will continue to enforce the individual mandate to buy insurance.

According to the Journal, one insurer in Montana linked the bulk of its proposed 23 percent increase to those two concerns.

In other words, Obamacare isn’t to blame for premium hikes. Trump is to blame because he continues to sabotage it.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that Obamacare is “failing” and that premiums are going up. Well, it turns out that Trump himself is to blame for that and he tweeted it out for everyone to see. Oops.


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