OOPS: Trump Just BURNED His Own Family’s Product Lines By Declaring American-Made Products ‘The BEST’

Donald Trump must enjoy being a hypocrite who constantly embarrasses himself.

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Trump is desperately promoting the hell out of his recently declared “Made In America” week in order to distract from his ongoing Russia scandal.

On Friday, Trump posted a video on Twitter of himself declaring that American-made products are “the best.”

The problem is that while that’s good for American companies to hear, Trump’s own businesses and those of his own children do not make their products in America. In short, Trump just accidentally burned his own family’s product lines by declaring that American-made products are “the best.”

Basically, Trump admitted that his family’s products are not “the best.” After all, many of the products Trump and his family sells are made in China and other countries. Trump even furnishes his hotels with products made overseas and purchases materials from foreign companies to build his skyscrapers.

Twitter users had a field day with Trump’s remarks.

Trump is probably kicking his own ass right now. That is, if Ivanka hasn’t already done it.

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