One Man Offers To ‘Sell Everything’ If He Must To Raise $100k Reward For Cecil’s Killer

Roland Vincent is serious about wildlife preservation. For 60 years he has fought for the rights of animals, particularly large game susceptible to trophy hunting, to live in peace on preserves where they can be protected from extinction at the hands of man.

The death of Cecil the Lion, therefore, is at the forefront of his thoughts.

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To get an idea of the kind of man Vincent is, one only has to read his introduction:

My name is Roland Vincent. I am a political strategist, a writer, a public speaker, a lawyer, an environmentalist, and an animal rights advocate. Formerly, I was a stockbroker and an investment banker. I have over 50 years experience in organizing and directing political and social issue campaigns. My resume includes running campaigns in California and the West for two sitting presidents and three presidential aspirants, and directing Howard Jarvis’ Proposition 13 campaign in California.

I have been an animal activist and an opponent of trophy hunting for 60 years. I am the founder of the Animal Rights Leadership Council and publish Armory of the Revolution, an influential blog on the political left, which explores animal liberation and social justice issues.

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While Vincent laments the loss of Cecil the lion, he sees a unique opportunity in a polarized political climate that has seen the demise of the Confederate flag, and end to the legal battles against same-sex marriage and a new beginning for a modern-day civil rights movement. Roland Vincent sees the end of trophy hunting.

He may very well be right. Several airlines and freight companies have already banned transport of trophy animal carcasses, and African governments are stepping up their policing and stiffening their restrictions. The road won’t be easy, as trophy hunting brings a huge influx of cash to an impoverished reason, but Vincent hopes that he can help keep awareness at the forefront of the issue by providing the media and the local governments with someone to prosecute for the heinous crime of luring Cecil off range and murdering him.

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He has offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and extradition of Walter Palmer to stand trial for his crimes. Vincent is asking for donations to help pay for the bounty, but he says he’s willing to go it alone if necessary:

I am personally taking on the responsibility to pay this reward. If necessary, I will sell everything I own and raise all I can borrow.

If the shoe were on the other foot and Walter Palmer were the one asking for donations, the knuckleheads on the right would have a million dollars in the bank for him by tomorrow.

Let’s show those knuckleheads how liberals can crowdfund and help Roland Vincent raise the bounty on Walter Palmer.

We have the ability to make a difference.

Featured image via Roland Vincent

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