On The Day America Celebrates Its Independence, This Is What Trump Is Doing

On this day, our founding father’s fought to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Last year, former president Barack Obama threw a  big July Fourth concerts to honor military service members and give staffers a chance to celebrate. In 2016, the event featured rapper Kendrick Lamar; in 2012 the White House welcomed country singer Brad Paisley. For years, Obama’s Independence Day was a party and spent at the White House to honor others.

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Meanwhile, our current president decides to leave the White House and go to New Jersey to celebrate his golf swing.

According to the White House pool report, Trump is spending the day not leading his country, “Motorcade arrived after a quiet trip at Sterling Park Golf Club, aka Trump National Golf Club, at 9:58.”

Trump has now spent 21% of his presidency playing golf:

All the activities that former presidents engaged in were about celebrating the country and the sacrifices that military families make to protect our freedoms. Merely showing up after hours of golfing to say “hey, I’m here” and shooting a few fireworks is not the way to celebrate July 4th.




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