Omarosa Snubbed, People Turn Their Backs On Her At Black Journalists’ Conference (IMAGE/VIDEO)

White House aide Omarosa Manigault said during the campaign, “Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump.” But that’s not happening. Even Donald Trump’s own base is waking up as we see his poll numbers whither away. Of course, the right-leaning Rasmussen pollster showed an uptick in his approval rating on Friday after the former reality show star threatened a nuclear war with North Korea. Still yet, Trump is the least popular president in the 70-year history of polling.

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Omarosa’s appearance at the National Association of Black Journalists annual conference in New Orleans on Friday caused an uproar.

The White House aide was repeatedly booed, received jeers and groans from the crowd from her comments, while she avoided questions about her role in the Trump White House, according to social media posts from numerous journalists in attendance, Politico reports.

The panel, titled “Black and Blue: Raising Our Sons, Protecting Our Community,” featured appearances from relatives of prominent victims of police violence, including Valerie Castile, the mother of Philando Castile, and Sandra Sterling, the aunt of Alton Sterling, alongside Omarosa and others.

Manigault was asked about Trump’s comments in July in which he encouraged more police violence during arrests. Multiple reporters said she hesitated and said she would not “disclose confidential conversations” she had with Trump, then finally admitted that she felt his comments were out of line.

The former ‘Apprentice’ contestant was not well received.

Several people stood up then turned their backs on her as she spoke, while others left the room. Omarosa’s comments and refusals to discuss Trump garnered loud guffaws from attendees.

She then accused moderator Ed Gordon, a journalist, and producer, of being “aggressive” as the two stood and paced the stage. according to the Daily News.

“Let me tell my story,” Omarosa said. “Ask me a question about me.”

But she does work in the White House so any questions about her role in the Trump administration are appropriate.

In the end, she just walked off the stage before the end of the panel.

Journalist of the Year April Ryan received a toast.

Omarosa is to police reform as Trump is to intelligence.

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