Obama’s Former Speechwriter Just Ridiculed Trump With One Single Statement; Internet Goes INSANE

After reportedly hosting a dinner party with Sarah Palin and musicians Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, Trump received instant backlash from America. One person in particular who mocked Trump’s dinner disaster was Obama’s former speechwriter, Jon Favreau. He created quite the eruption on Twitter after sarcastically stating that “this is the day” Trump became commander in chief–attaching an image of Trump in the White House with delusional Palin, rapist  Nugent, and Trump worshiper Kid Rock.

There is an infinite amount of things that Trump supporters can’t do–one of those would include not being able to take a joke and blowing things way out of context because their pea-sized brains can’t tell the difference. Check this out:

Of course, liberals stepped in to teach Trump’s gaggle of morons a lesson or two, while simultaneously making fun of their stupidity and their inability to see this photo for what it truly is: disgusting.

Evidently, Favreau’s words parody those of a pair of CNN commentators like Van Jones and Fareed Zakaria, who have drawn scorn for their declarations that Trump “became president” with one action or another. But we all know Trump supporters are too dense to realize that.




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