O.J. Simpson Just Got Some Very Bad News (IMAGES)

O.J. Simpson is due to be released from prison in as early as two years from now. In the meantime, he is trying to get surgery in order to fix a bad knee.

But, there’s only one problem — prison officials won’t let him leave the premises in order to see a specialist. Or, even get it taken care of, at all. 

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Because of his bad knee he has gained a lot of weight, not being able to exercise. He is reportedly 340 pounds now. Because of his extra weight, it is a circular problem — the extra weight puts more pressure on his bad knee, and the bad knee in turn limits him from being able to work out, or even walk around the yard without problems.

Pic via Faruk Koza.

Pic via Faruk Koza.

According to a prison insider:

When there was nice weather, O.J. used to walk around the track on the prison yard for an hour at a time, but now the pain in his knee is so severe he can barely walk 10 steps without moaning in pain.

O.J. has not been taking this news very lightly. He feels he should be able to leave the prison to get proper treatment for this ailment. He fears being in a wheelchair when he is finally released. A frustrated Simpson reportedly said the following as he slammed his fists on a table:

I won’t be out of here for at least another two years and if they wont let me get to a specialist soon I may never walk again!

I have the money to pay for any surgery, and to see any doctor in the world I need — and the transportation to get there — so it wont be on the freakin’ tax payers, but they are still saying ‘No.’

Pic via Faruk Koza.

Pic via Faruk Koza.

Simpson is lobbying in order to get treatment so it remains to be seen what the final outcome will be, but so far he has not had much success in convincing authorities to let him leave prison grounds.

O.J. is technically eligible to be released in a few years since being sentenced to a nine to 33 year prison sentence for kidnapping, assault and robbery in 2008.

H/T: Faruk Koza | Featured Image: You Tube Screen Capture

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