NY Post Releases Brutal Message About Trump’s Tweeting And It’s Pretty Damn Perfect (IMAGE)

If there’s one thing that even Republicans and many Trump supporters could get behind, it’s putting a stop to Donald Trump’s ability to use his phone to tweet his many, many personal thoughts at any chance he gets. He’s literally become his own worst enemy. So much so, in fact, that he’s admitted to obstructing justice, which could ultimately land him in prison.

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The New York Daily Post clearly also seems fed up with Trump and his tweet rage. They just printed out what all of us are thinking.

The NY Post tweeted:

“Stop. Just stop.”


It doesn’t really get more perfect than that.

Trump really does need to put his phone down and actually lead the nation. More often than not, Trump seems to only care about himself and what others are saying about him. He truly needs to grow thicker skin if he wants to be *president. Trump’s tweets serve no other purpose than to serve his own ego and that’s not what he was elected by the Electoral College to do. He was elected by the Electoral College to lead the nation.

(*pending investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election)

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