NY Daily News Just BLASTED Roy Moore’s Loss With Their Best Cover Yet; America LOVES It (TWEETS)

Late last night, conservative heads all over America exploded as Alabama voters elected Democrat Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate, defeating ‘alleged’ pedophile, Roy Moore, in a pretty tight race that left us all wondering if Trump’s main man might actually win. Thankfully, America is a little bit BLUER this morning!

Doug Jones won and he is the first Democrat to be elected in Alabama in 25 years. This is record-breaking, y’all! (We hope he gets an award for that.)

Accused sexual predator, Roy Moore, was clearly in shock after his loss – he refused to concede and left it to “God” to decide, saying that when “it’s this close, it’s not over,” but sorry, Roy – it looks like your “God” has forsaken you. Even Trump, your fellow accused sexual assailant, gave up on you in the final hours:

While poor Roy was crying out to his “God” and Trump was tweeting (likely trying to distract us from REAL news), newspapers and magazines were busy trying to come up with their best covers and this one wins HANDS DOWN.

Bama Bucks The Perv!”

Trump will hate this cover! We hope he tweets about it, but in the meantime – check out the reactions. We can’t stop laughing:

Many people were concerned about “Sassy” the horse. I was too…

“Sassy” has her own Twitter account now. We can show our support there…

But NYDN definitely won the internet:

Here’s one more for “Sassy” the horse:

Tuesday night was amazing! Congrats, Alabama voters! Let’s keep making America BLUE!

Featured image via Twitter

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