NY Daily News Breaks The Internet With Tomorrow’s Cover Page Of President Trump


The New York Daily News is mocking President Trump in a very big way for his support of a bill that calls for cutting legal immigration in half, by accepting applicants on a merit-based system for their job skills, education, and the ability to speak English.

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Their new front page cover story, that will officially run on Thursday, August 3rd, features Trump’s face on the Statue of Liberty with the words: “Grab ’em by their liberty.”

The comment stems from an argument that ensued between Trump senior policy advisor Stephen Miller and CNN reporter Jim Acosta on national television when the two got into it about the green lady who has become a worldwide symbol of America’s acceptance of immigrants.


Here was part of their exchange:

Acosta: What you’re proposing, or what the President is proposing here, does not sound like it’s in keeping with American tradition when it comes to immigration. The Statue of Liberty says, ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.’ It doesn’t say anything about speaking English or be a computer programmer. Aren’t you trying to change what it means to be an immigrant coming into this country?

Miller first responded on why English should be a requirement, but then started to go into the deep end:

“The poem you’re referring to was added later, it’s not actually a part of the original Statue of Liberty.”

While Miller is correct that it was added later, he completely left out the fact that the poem written by American poet Emma Lazarus was actually used to raise money for the construction of the statue’s pedestal, making it an integral part of it. And, as Acosta notes, it’s widely accepted to be what America stands for.

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