NPR Just Sent A Clear Message To Trump Supporters; Said What We Are All Thinking

Donald Trump’s supporters (on Twitter) are super defensive when it comes to him. They go really hard for the President. But during their July 4th attack on NPR their efforts were for nothing. They pretty much embarrassed themselves.

Tuesday, America celebrated Independence Day. Traditionally, National Public Radio’s ‘Morning Edition’  hosts, commentators, reporters usually read out the Declaration Of Independence on-air. They’ve been doing this for 29 years. But It’s 2017, they went digital and Tweeted out the declaration instead.

As you can imagine, those were a lot of Tweets. Forget the number of tweets though, the Trump supporters took the words and basically twisted it up. They attacked NPR and accused them of calling for war. It was so ignorant of them.

Didn’t think the Declaration was something that would be deemed controversial, especially on a day honoring the Independence of the country. Sad. One Twitter user explained it best saying,

Trump supporters went an extra mile calling the Tweets trash, all while probably sitting at a bbq with their family watching fireworks and celebrating the nation’s Independence.

Hey, Trump supporters, thanks for showing how much you guys really know about patriotism. Absolutely nothing, just like the person you defend. NPR definitely did not need to clap back on these folks, because they did a good job of defeating themselves.

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