North Carolina Republican Literally Accuses Democrats Of ‘Murdering’ Black People

A Republican leader in North Carolina apparently doesn’t know that it’s 2017, not 1898.

Because that’s how far back he had to go to find an example of the Democratic Party killing black people.

Known as the Wilmington Insurrection, Southern white Democrats overthrew the elected biracial city government and instituted segregationist laws while driving thousands of blacks out of the city. An estimated 15 to 60 were killed.

That was in 1898. Now, 119 years later, the Democratic Party is now a reformed party that fights for civil rights. This happened in the mid-20th century when Southern Democrats switched to the Republican Party in protest of the passage of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act.

Ever since then, racists have gradually taken over the GOP and it is now the dominating political party in the South, where Confederate flags still fly and voter suppression efforts continue.

In recognition of the Voting Rights Act, North Carolina Democrats posted a tweet urging Americans to keep moving forward in the effort to make sure everyone continues to have the right to vote.

This tweet caused North Carolina GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse to lose his shit.

In an insane rant on Twitter, Woodhouse accused the modern-day Democratic Party of “murdering” black people.

He’s right. Except that when the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965, those same North Carolina Democrats who instituted grandfather clauses and other Jim Crow laws abandoned the party and joined the Republicans.

In fact, North Carolina Republicans recently passed the most extreme voter suppression law in the nation, a law that was so racist that the Supreme Court killed it earlier this year.

The law was a direct attack on voting rights that would have affected African-Americans the most.

It’s pathetic that Republicans today have to go so far back in history to find “proof” that their party is better for blacks than Democratic Party. Yes, Republicans ended slavery and passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, but all of that progress came to a swift end when Republicans agreed to end Reconstruction in exchange for a presidential victory in 1876. Republicans sold their souls for power that year and proceeded to ignore civil rights for decades while the South instituted segregation and oppression and terrorism in an effort to keep white people in power.

And that is a big reason why the Wilmington Insurrection happened. Republican President William McKinley refused to send federal help to put down the coup. So, Republicans are just as guilty.

Democrats have acknowledged this shameful history and have moved past it to become champions for voting rights and civil rights, unlike Republicans who have repeatedly chipped away at voting rights and civil rights for decades. The GOP has been under the control of white supremacists for years now. They are strong supporters of Donald Trump and even have one of their own in Trump’s administration. That would be Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions.

Woodhouse should be forced to resign by the GOP for these outrageous tweets. The modern-day Democratic Party has not murdered anyone. And if any party is going to reinstitute Jim Crow, it’s the Republicans. The evidence is right there in the North Carolina GOP voter suppression law.

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