Nikki Haley Waded Through Booing ‘Patrons’ During Pride So She Could Get Back To Hating Gays

Poor Nikki Haley. I don’t know whether I feel worse about the fact she and her family got booed as they left a restaurant after lunch during Pride Week in NYC or the fact that she apparently has some sort of short-term memory loss that prevents her from remembering what an awful person she has been to the LGBTQ community. Maybe she hit her head on the sink when she washed her hands before lunch. Who knows? Any number of things could have happened that caused the former governor of South Carolina and current UN Ambassador to forget all of her missed opportunities to get on the right side of history.

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Haley somehow made it through the vicious attack and struggled her way through a posed group photo, where she made a point of stating she was still smiling, even after the acid rain of boos:

What an odd way to say she took in the Pride Parade!

Anyway, Nikki was in luck, as Twitter was on hand as always to help her remember why she might have gotten the less-than-favorable reception:

Others attempted to offer some perspective on the situation:

I hope that Nikki’s feeling better after all this nasty booing. Let’s hope she had a chance to go home, open a bottle of wine, take a nice long bath, and forget about all those icky gays she’s spent her entire career oppressing.

Okay, I’m sorry, you guys. I feel like I’m taking the sarcasm too far. Let’s let Euclid sum this up for us:

Get it yet, Nikki?

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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