Newsweek’s New Cover Perfectly Sums Up Trump’s Failing Presidency, It Is BRUTAL (IMAGE)

Despite how many times Donald Trump brags on Twitter or in his rally speeches about how much he’s accomplished, the rest of us know the truth. Trump hasn’t done a damn thing in his several months in the White House besides humiliate the country and cause mayhem. Trump is such a joke, that many national magazines have been publicly calling him out – and the latest Trump criticism is brutal.

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This week, Newsweek took America’s 45th president to the woodshed in its cover. In the latest issue, Newsweek decided to portray Trump exactly how he is – lazy as hell and not doing any work. The cover art features Trump lounging on a recliner watching television, holding a remote while surrounded by junk food and a soda. There are stains all over his shirt from a Cheetos bag, which might have been a cheeky dig at Trump’s unsettling orange skin color. The caption is even more honest:

LAZY BOY: Donald Trump is bored and tired. Imagine how he’d feel if he did any work.”

Here it is in all of its glory:

Let’s just say Newsweek nailed it. The cover image is a perfect introduction to the accompanying story, which rips the President’s nonexistent work ethic. Newsweek reports:

When the weekend concludes, Trump returns to the D.C. swamp with all the enthusiasm of an office lackey slouching toward his cubicle on Monday morning. Only six months in, he seems “a most unhappy warrior,” in the words of Trump biographer and CNN commentator Michael D’Antonio. The scowl that haunts his face, the monotone he uses to deliver official pronouncements: These suggest a second-term lame duck dreaming of a lucrative post-Washington book deal.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Even Trump voters have been severely disappointed and are getting tired of waiting for Trump to actually do his job! Hopefully, no one is holding their breath – because it’s not going to happen.

Featured image via Scott Olson /Getty Images

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