Newly Released Trump Campaign Memo Shows That Trump DEFINITELY Had Help Winning The Election


Trump and his cronies have always insisted that he won the presidential election on his own. The American people wanted him because of his total awesomeness. Russia had nothing to do with it, and neither did Hillary’s emails or anything else. Trump did it all on his own. Right?

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An internal campaign memo, written just five days before the election, literally admits that James Comey’s announcement that the FBI was reopening their investigation into Hillary’s emails did, in fact, sway the election to Trump’s favor:

The last few days have proven to be pivotal in the minds of voters with the recent revelations in reopening the investigation of Secretary Clinton. Early polling numbers show declining support for Clinton, shifting in favor of Mr. Trump.

This may have a fundamental impact on the results.”

Here’s why that’s such a bombshell: While members of the Trump campaign say that they still think his performance in the third and final presidential debate helped him win, some told The Daily Beast that it would be “difficult to write the history of [Trump’s] win without mentioning Comey.” In other words, it’s hard to say that Trump won without anybody’s help, even Comey’s. One has to wonder if Trump ever saw that memo, or heard rumblings about it from his campaign.

Furthermore, on May 2 of this year, just after Hillary told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that she believed Comey helped cost her the election, Trump tweeted:

Comey has said more than once that the idea he may have swayed the presidential election makes him sick. Whatever effect he had, though, that’s the reaction of someone who knows he screwed up. The thing here is that Trump has said Comey was the best thing to happen to Hillary, when that’s absolutely not true by his own campaign’s admission. If Comey’s words and actions had been what Trump said, then Hillary would be in the White House now instead of this treasonous “two-legged brain foreclosure” and his family. Trump has to square with both the Russian collusion and this. His win was illegitimate and he is an illegitimate president.

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