New York Times Calls Out Trump For Whining So He Immediately Starts Whining Again

While on his 17-day vacation, Donald Trump is obviously not taking time off from Twitter where he lashes out at his critics. We’re not sure which article got under the former reality show star’s thin skin this time from the ‘failing’ New York Times, but it’s probably the one by Charles Blow titled “America’s Whiniest ‘Victim’” which is trending now on Twitter. There is another one the paper published titled “Many Politicians Lie. But Trump Has Elevated the Art of Fabrication.”

The current occupant of the White House confirmed both of them by #1) calling the Pulitzer Prize winning paper ‘failing’ again and #2) by feigning victimhood while recalling his ‘big election win’ which never happened. Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton and he’s not gotten over that. He is America’s Whiniest Victim.

“The failing @nytimes, which has made every wrong prediction about me including my big election win (apologized), is totally inept!” 45 tweeted early this morning.

Every time Trump attacks the Times, subscriptions go through the roof. The Gray Lady is doing very well but facts are not relevant with the Liar-in-Chief. Also, the Times never apologized for its negative coverage of the former reality show star.

Twitter was quick to respond.

The irony meter just blew a gasket after Mr. 33 Percent Approval Rating called the award winning paper ‘failing’. If Trump wants to be more popular with the American people and get positive media coverage he should stop lying his ass off. He should leave behind a legacy to be proud of, like, for example, not killing people with an awful health care plan while pushing to repeal Obamacare, a plan which has saved lives. Also, he should stop whining, grow some balls and stop talking about the election, but he’s not capable of that.

Image via Twitter. 

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