New Poll Reveals How Americans Feel About Living In The Era Of Donald Trump

One of the only things that life in the Trump era makes you appreciate is the things you took for granted in the pre-Trump era.

A PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist Poll out early Monday found that 70 percent of Americans think civility has gotten worse since Trump’s election. Just merely 6 percent of Americans think civility is better now and 20 percent think it has stayed the same.

The poll also revealed that Americans trust the intelligence community–yes, the same intelligence community that Donald Trump refuses to attend briefings for because he’s “too smart”– more than Congress and a whopping 61 percent of respondents say they do not put much trust in the Trump administration. That percentage is largely split among partisan lines, with 90 percent of Democrats saying they don’t trust the Trump administration and 84 percent of Republicans saying the opposite.

This speaks volumes about the hardships America is feeling while living under the Trump administration. The fact that we live in a era where our commander-in-chief is attacking the media on Twitter, and spewing misogynistic remarks left and right, and lying to the America people about how destructive the new healthcare legislation will be. This is not a time period anyone should want to live in.



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