NBC Host Hammers Trump For Bragging On Twitter Then Pretty Much Calls Him Stupid (VIDEO)

With everyone weighing in on the horrific mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, no one is making a bigger ass of himself than Donald Trump.

Not only is he going about approaching what needs to be done to prevent these mass casualty killings all wrong, he also doesn’t seem to realize marginalizing an entire religion and prohibiting people from that religion from entering the country isn’t only reminiscent of Nazi, Germany, but would’ve done nothing to prevent this latest shooting rampage. The killer (whose name I will not mention) was born in the United States, and as it has now been clarified, was ISIS inspired, not ISIS directed — a difference a wannabe Commander-in-Chief should probably recognize.

However, Donald Trump, incapable of admitting he’s wrong, continues to brag about how ‘right’ he is in the wake of this latest massacre.

While speaking to NBC TODAY host Savannah Guthrie, Trump continued to say how correct he was, but guess what? Guthrie didn’t let him get away with it, even forcing Trump to pause for a moment. It was the awkward silence heard around the globe.

Guthrie first questioned Trump if the weapon used for the mass casualties should be permitted for purchase in the United States. She stated:

“They’re a weapon of war, they’re not hunting rifles, and they’re the weapon of choice for terrorists and those who shoot children and movie theater-goes. Why not ban assault weapons, as Hillary Clinton just called for earlier on this very show?”

Trump responded with a non-answer, saying:

“There are millions of them already out there, so I absolutely wouldn’t [propose a ban] because people need protection… The bad guys will have the assault rifles and the good people will be standing there with a BB gun.”

Guthrie, not backing down, came back with a stinging question as Trump continued to speak over her, as he does:

“Can you think of an instance in which a good guy used an assault weapon?”

A question he clearly didn’t have an answer for, and responded by saying how horrible Hillary Clinton is instead. (Nice pivot)

Guthrie also hammered him for bragging on social media about how he was supposedly “right” in regards to an attack happening on U.S. soil.

Here are the tweets Guthrie referred to:

Humble-bragging yet again, Trump said:

“I’m the one who predicted it, but I don’t want the credit.”

However, pointing out how utterly ridiculous a statement like that is, and basically calling him stupid, Guthrie said:

“In fairness, everyone can predict that there will be another terrorist attack.”

To that Trump tries to pivot again, but Guthrie had already gotten the better of him. Well done, Savannah.

Watch the full segment here:

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